Jumpstart Your Health

April, 2017

As you know, April is Just Do It Month!

I want to report back and let you know that my daughter is officially enrolled in camp and a weight has been lifted off of my shoulder! 

And now – my second Just Do It thing for the month:  I have a pile of stuff that has claimed space on my laundry room floor for over a month now.  It’s become part of the decor. I’ve gotta Just Do It and deal with having it donated! 

I’m hoping you have completed your one thing.  And if you haven’t?  No worries! Continue reading

Stop Thinking and Start Doing

April, 2017

Hello Instillers!

April is here and boy do I have an exciting one planned for YOU!

Although I am an Asics kind of gal (they fit my feet perfectly!), I have decided that April will best be represented Nike style:


Yes, April is JUST DO IT month! Continue reading

Grain Free Veggie Fried Rice

March, 2017

This past Sunday I caught myself at home, ALONE, at lunch time.  It was one of those miraculous times when each member of my family had to be somewhere.

Unfortunately I had not done the food shopping yet, and I was starving.  I knew I wanted to load up on veggies at lunch since I was out the night before, had some cocktails….too much dinner….decadent dessert.  I needed a Sunday mini detox.  But unfortunately I looked in my fridge to find one lonely carrot and half of a cucumber.  

But then I remembered I had lots of frozen veggies in my freezer.  Yay!!  I took out frozen riced cauliflower, frozen broccoli, and frozen onions and thought to myself, “Now what the heck can I do with these?” Continue reading

Real Food Snacks

March, 2017

We need to teach our kids to eat real food.  But in order for them to be able to eat real food, we need to have it available to them.  And in order for us to have it available to them, the bottom line is that we have to deal.  (Trust me.  I wish it was as easy as clicking your heels together 3 times and having a fridge full of healthy, real food snacks.)

Snacks are so often considered to be food you find in your pantry, right?  Pirate’s Booty, granola bars, Goldfish…you get the idea.  But why?  Why can’t ‘snack time’ be associated with opening up the refrigerator to find real, fresh food? Continue reading

Veggie Quinoa Crunch

March, 2017

The other day my family visited my brother and sister-in-law and enjoyed quite a feast.  Upon returning home I decided it was the perfect night for a healthy, quinoa dish.

There are endless ways to prepare quinoa.  Hot.  Cold.  With veggies.  With meat.  Nuts, seeds, cheese….

I like experimenting with different combinations, and this time I scored a home run and couldn’t wait to share it with you!  It’s the perfect mix of veggies with some crunch and a little sweetness to boot! (Don’t forget to check out the time saver tips at the end of the post.) Continue reading