Speaking Engagements

I am truly passionate about eating healthfully.    Because of the profound positive effect improving my diet has had on me and my family, I feel the need to share my journey and everything I learned along the way with anyone and everyone!  So when I get in front of people who are interested in this topic, my energy, excitement, and enthusiasm becomes abundant.

Let me bring this ‘oomph’ to your next event, big or small.  Whether a corporate site, PTA event, social function, or school setting, I offer dynamic, interactive presentations for people of all ages.

Choose from my signature talks below, or we could brainstorm others if you don’t find a topic that suits your audience.

To learn more please email me at laura@instillhealth.com.

Signature Talks

  1. The Sugar Journey:  What Actually Happens Inside Your Body When You Consume Sugar & How it Negatively Affects Your Health (ideal for grade school aged children)
  2. Food Choices:  How to Eat What You Want and Still Be Healthy (ideal for teenagers)
  3. Superfoods:   What They Are, Why They Are so Good for You, & How to Easily Incorporate Them into Your Diet
  4. Easy Diet Changes You Can Immediately Implement to Feel Incredible & Help Get Your Body to its Optimal Weight
  5. Transform Your Child’s Eating Habits & Actually Get Them to Eat Their Veggies
  6. Effortloss Weight Loss:  The Anti-Diet Approach to Eating, Living, & Treating Your Body with the Love and Respect it Deserves

See what some parents (and a principal!) had to say about the The Sugar Journey presentation I offered in my children’s schools:

Hi Laura – how fantastic you gave 2SL that presentation yesterday.  My daughter brought the topic up spontaneously last night and asked us how many grams of sugar there were in an oreo and soda – you definitely made an impact!  Diet is so important to health, it’s really important to teach kids good habits early.  Thanks again.  ~Laura K.

Hello Ms. Deutsch, Thank you so much for coming to speak about the negative impact of sugar in their diet.  Mr. S. shared your packet with me (awesome, very developmentally appropriate!) and enthusiastically endorsed your presentation!  Not to mention that your banana muffin that I sampled was DELISH!!! I appreciate your contribution towards educating our students about making healthy choices and to better understand the impact of sugar on their health.  I truly believe that planting seeds of knowledge helps to heighten awareness that kids can carry with them forward. With Gratitude, ~D.M.

Laura – I’ve been meaning to thank you for taking the time to talk to Reed’s class. He really heard you! He has become very aware of his sugar consumption, mainly juice, sugary cereals and breakfast foods.  He has made an obvious effort to make healthy food choices.  Thank you for making my job easier!  Hope all is well.  ~Anne M.