Stop Thinking and Start Doing

April, 2017

Hello Instillers!

April is here and boy do I have an exciting one planned for YOU!

Although I am an Asics kind of gal (they fit my feet perfectly!), I have decided that April will best be represented Nike style:


Yes, April is JUST DO IT month!

So what does this mean for you, my incredible Instill Health community?

It means that April is the month we are all going to stop thinking and start doing.


Because thinking about stuff we wish we were doing is exhausting.

Whether it’s cleaning out your closet, or finally getting into a workout routine, or making the effort to see friends you haven’t seen in awhile, or booking that special day trip for you and your kids, or making the commitment to practice meatless mondays, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing!

And this month we are going to do 3 things.  TOGETHER.

I want to let you know what inspired me to suggest we go on this journey.  A few weeks ago I was in Target and was browsing the book section and came upon one of those feel good books you just can’t pass up.

The book is called The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, & Simplify. Something compelled me to pop it in my cart.  We happened to be heading out that day for a 4 day skiing trip, and I don’t ski!  So I knew I had plenty of time in the lodge by the fire to read. (Did I mention ski trips are my favorite?!)

The next day when my family headed off to the slopes, I headed off to the couch.  And I started reading the book.  And I didn’t stop until I finished.  And I drank the Kool-Aid.  The declutter Kool-Aid, that is. And I was inspired.  I couldn’t wait to get home to PURGE.

I won’t get into the dirty details, but all I can say is I’ve already removed more than 10 huge bags full of stuff.  And it felt REALLY GOOD.  AMAZINGLY GOOD!

And then it hit me – if it feels AMAZINGLY GOOD doing something I’ve been wanting to do, why don’t I do MORE of that stuff?

In an effort to make this very doable and not overwhelming, I’ve committed to doing ONE thing per week, for the next three weeks.

My ‘thing’ this week is:  Sending in the check for the summer program my daughter is attending! Sounds like nothing, but I have been meaning to do this for weeks!

And now it’s your turn.  And don’t just think to yourself –

Such a nice thought, Laura, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Remember, it’s JUST DO IT MONTH. So…..JUST DO IT!

And It can be SMALL.  It can be cleaning out ONE drawer which takes you 5 minutes!  Or doing ONE errand you’ve been putting off.  You just need to do it, and THEN you can delete this email.

Guys, let’s make April our month of doing!   I will be checking in with you frequently, and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve accomplished!

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