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“Healthed Up” Meatloaf

April, 2017

When you think of meatloaf does ‘health food’ come to mind?  Or do you think of a meal seasoned with onion soup mix?  If it is the latter, you are in good company.

My mission as a health coach and busy mom is to provide food for my family that is healthy, delicious and simple to prepare.  Most recipes for meatloaf meet 2 of those 3 criteria (delicious and simple).

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Quinoa Meatballs

In my prior (to healthy eating) life, if I wanted something for dinner, I’d buy it.  Plain and simple.

So if I was in the mood for spaghetti and meatballs, off to the market I’d go to buy frozen ones.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that.  Sometimes.

We all have those days (or weeks) where home cooking just ain’t happenin’.

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Homemade Tacos

Taco night.  What is better???

I don’t think I ever met a person who isn’t psyched for taco night!

As a mom, I love it for two reasons.  First, it’s dang delicious!  Second, it’s dang easy!!  All I need is that taco kit that has everything included (shells, seasoning and sauce), a pound of ground turkey (or beef), and toppings like shredded cheddar, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes.

Complete dinner in 20 minutes.

All good, right?

Not really.  I always knew in my heart that there IS a price we pay for this convenience but I kind of sort of shoved it aside and held my ears and said “la la la la” whenever the thought popped into my mind!

Buzz kill alert:

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