Riced, Riced, Veggies!

October 25, 2016

When it comes to healthy eating, my motto is eat this, not don’t eat that.

Raise your hand if you know what the “this” is??

Yes, smarty pants!  It’s VEGETABLES!  By now I’m sure you guys know I’m completely obsessed with getting enough vegetables into my diet.  Most Americans don’t even come CLOSE to the ideal amount of vegetables that need to be consumed in a day – anywhere between 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 CUPS!

That’s why this whole riced vegetable craze, in my opinion, has been such a blessing.  Riced veggies are veggies cut up so small that they have the consistency of rice.  They are delicious and fun to eat!  You can make them by simply grinding up vegetables in a food processor. But why bother?  Just go out and buy them!

So far I’ve found them in Trader Joe’s, Kings and Whole Foods.  At Trader Joe’s I’ve seen fresh riced cauliflower, fresh riced broccoli and frozen riced cauliflower.  At Kings, I’ve seen a frozen riced cauliflower and sweet potato combo.  At Whole Foods I’ve seen riced cauliflower, although I like it better from Trader Joe’s.

And seriously, if you are not a big cook, this is SO SIMPLE.  All you need to do is saute the veggies in some grass fed butter or olive oil and add some salt. That’s IT.  But if you are feeling adventurous you could always add some chopped onions , garlic, mushrooms, cheese, etc.

I definitely sense more riced veggie recipes being written about in the future, but check out this recipe I already posted on cheesy riced cauliflower.

To show you just how strongly I feel about you going out this week and buying some riced veggies, I’ve come up with a rap for you.

It’s called Riced, Riced Veggies (rapped to the beat of Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice).

I even included the lyrics to this original version below so you can rap right along with me.

Yo V.I.P.  Let’s kick it.

Riced, Riced, Veggies

Riced, riced veggies

Riced, riced veggies

All right stop, collaborate and listen

Riced is back – it’s a brand new invention

Chopped up, veggies cook so nicely

Tastes like a treat daily and nightly

Will it ever stop?

No, no way

Easiest dish, and I say

Eat that stuff up you get the vites & the fiber

Kids eat em too, be sure to get your high fiver