Amazing Website & App: Fooducate

October 18, 2016

My good friend introduced me to an amazing app called Fooducate.

Have you heard of it?

Basically you can scan an item at the store (or type it into the website)  and the app responds with a grade in terms of how healthy the food is.  You are also given reasons why certain foods are not healthy.

So for example, plug in Nabisco Chips Ahoy, and you get a D+.  (Surprise, surprise.)

Guess what Milanos get?  ALSO a D+!!

Want another buzz kill?  Good old Samoas & Thin Mints we all look forward to every spring? Yup.  D+.

You will be shocked to see that many so called ‘healthier’ and ‘more natural’ foods get scores of C’s and D’s.

The better news?  Here is a list of cookies that come in at a B-, which according to fooducate, is the highest rating any cookie can get. (And the lowest is a D+).

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying these cookies are nutrient dense and you should be eating them instead of veggies.  (Wouldn’t THAT be nice!)  All I’m saying is that these are better options in terms of store bought cookies.

You know what fooducate is also good for?  Warding off the “Can we get this?” whines from your kids when you are at the market with them.  Give them your phone, have them scan an item, and tell them it has to get a B- or higher or you won’t even consider it!  Fun for them and a brilliant way to ward off the I wants!

In conclusion, obviously nothing beats a home baked cookie (check out this recipe for Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookies made healthier) when it comes to high grades, but for the rest of the time, try to stay away from the C’s and the D’s.