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Quickest Salad Ever

It’s lunch time.  You’re home.  You open the fridge.  Hmmm…leftovers from last night?  Turkey sandwich?  Peanut butter and jelly?  You close the fridge and open the freezer.  Frozen meal?

You open the fridge again.  Yup, the veggies are still there.  (You actually saw them the first time, but dismissed them as a possibility for lunch because the thought of preparing yourself a salad was exhausting.)

But you KNOW that there is nothing healthier than a salad loaded with tons of veggies. But you ALSO know that salads are a pain in the you know what to make!

And here is what I have to say about that:  Take out those veggies!

Lack of time and/or effort will no longer deter you from instilling health at lunchtime.

Make yourself and your body a priority by following my formula for the quickest salad ever! You are worth it, my friend!

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Kids Vs. Vegetables

We all know that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest foods (if not THE healthiest foods) your kids can be eating.  We also all know that most of our kids don’t request carrot sticks when they are hungry.   Fruit is an easier sell, but it still can be hard to get enough into their diets. (See bottom of post for servings/day for children.)

In my quest to have my children eat more fruits and veggies, I have come up with a few tricks that have really helped.   If you have any other tips, please share below them by posting a comment below. 

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My ‘Go To’ Veggie Recipe

I can’t even call it my go to recipe.  It’s really more like my ONLY veggie recipe!  OK, so now Im totally exaggerating, but I would definitely say I use this recipe at LEAST three times per week.  Why?  Because it is the easiest, most delicious way, in my opinion, to prepare vegetables.  And the beauty of this recipe is that you can basically use ANY vegetables you like. 

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