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Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies Get a Makeover

I can’t remember the last time I baked with vegetable oil or white flour or white sugar.  Why? Because the main reason I bake is so that my family has slightly less of a chemical concoction for dessert than the typical store bought items.

You see, we are a dessert family.  Without fail we have dessert every night after dinner. That’s what was done in my home growing up,* and I think it is actually part of my DNA .  I CANNOT go to sleep without eating dessert.

Sometimes it’s Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups. Sometimes it’s ice-cream. Sometimes it’s 16 Handles.  Sometimes it’s Whole Foods Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies or Milanos or Newman-O’s.

Even the ‘healthier’ desserts out there are filled with crap.  Milanos?  Hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed, soy lecithin and vegetable oils.  Newman O’s?  A little better – only soy lecithin.  Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups?  Even better – the soy lecithin is organic – but organic or not, still not good. (Click here to find out why soy lecithin isn’t good.)

So what is my point here?

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3 Ingredient Creamy Peanut Butter Mousse

Sometimes I have to state the obvious.  So here goes:  most store bought desserts are filled with crap.  Preservatives, food dye, harmful oils, soy lecithin…you name it – they’ve got it!

But really – who has time to make sure homemade desserts are available in their house at all times?!  

Enter 3 ingredient creamy peanut butter mousse.  

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Chocolate Nut Butter Decadence

I’m going to reveal one of my naughty secrets.  It’s a chocolate secret. Sometimes I feel like I need a shot of chocolate.  But not chocolate as in a chocolate chip cookie.  Not chocolate as in a brownie.  And not even chocolate as in a chocolate bar!

I am talking about something more decadent and more intense.  I’m talking about scooping warm, melted chocolate right into my mouth, already soft and ready to rock my taste buds.

So that’s exactly what I have, but with a nut buttery twist!

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Peanut or Almond Butter Bars

These peanut (or almond) butter bars are perfect for the holiday season.

This recipe is beyond delicious and doesn’t have any of the major no-no’s in the ingredients (cough, white flour).   Not only that, it contains old fashioned rolled oats, a great source of fiber, and nut butter, a great source of protein!  Be sure to use brown rice krispy cereal and now your cookin’ with crisco coconut oil!

These bars are also gluten free and can be dairy free if you use dairy free chocolate chips.

Bring this next time you are invited to someone’s house and no doubt they will be asking you for the recipe!  

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