Chocolate Nut Butter Decadence

I’m going to reveal one of my naughty secrets.  It’s a chocolate secret. Sometimes I feel like I need a shot of chocolate.  But not chocolate as in a chocolate chip cookie.  Not chocolate as in a brownie.  And not even chocolate as in a chocolate bar!

I am talking about something more decadent and more intense.  I’m talking about scooping warm, melted chocolate right into my mouth, already soft and ready to rock my taste buds.

So that’s exactly what I have, but with a nut buttery twist!

All you need is chocolate chips and some type of nut butter.

I use these dairy free chocolate chips made by Enjoy Life that happen to be DELICIOUS!  I measure out 2 tablespoons of chips, which is a serving size, place them in a microwaveable bowl, and heat it for 40 seconds.  I then take one tablespoon of almond butter (almonds are very good for you so I make myself feel better by choosing almond butter)  and mix it into the chocolate and I am left with a warm, chocolatey, almond buttery mix.  I then proceed to take a spoon and scoop the delicious concoction straight into my mouth, one decadent bite after another.

Hey, we gotta do what we gotta do when that chocolate craving hits, right?!?

Now stop judging and go give it a try!

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pure decadence!


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