Three Nutrition Books That Had a Profound Impact on Me

October 11, 2016

I love a good health/nutrition/wellness book.   If you follow my blog then there is a good chance you do too!  

But trying to pick one out of the hundreds (or thousands?) out there can be daunting.  So today I want to share three books that had a profound effect on me when I began my health journey a few years ago.    They are all easy reads and don’t get too technical, yet are extremely powerful in their messages.  

Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr

This book changed the way I look at food.  This is the book that gave me that AHA moment:  it wasn’t just about calories in vs. calories out that determined your health.  It was truly about the foods you ate, regardless of calories.  The message:  your body is a temple and you are what you eat. 

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

Catchy name – and catchy sells.  But don’t let the name turn you off.   This book really opened my eyes to the unethical methods used to kill animals for our food.  It actually influenced me at the time to go through a vegan phase!  I am not vegan at this point, but I definitely limit my meat consumption, and when I DO eat meat, I will only buy the best, organic quality possible. I’m certainly not trying to turn you into a vegan or an animal activist, but I think education is important and we should all know the horrors that animals are put through so that we can eat them.

 The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin

I know – not the best last name in town!  What I learned from this book and find so interesting is that many people have food sensitivites and don’t even know it.  A sensitivity is not an allergy. An allergy causes an immune system reaction that can cause damage to vital organs, whereas a sensitivity is much less serious, and usually manifests itself more as digestive issues.  Do you frequently have tummy aches after you eat?  If so, I would definitely give this book a look.

Whether you are new to the whole health scene, or you’re a seasoned participant, I highly recommend checking these books out.