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The Skinny on Fats

I’m having deja vu. There are so many debated issues when it comes to nutrition and it can be so exhausting!  Just recently I discussed the varying opinions on soy because I wanted my questions answered once and for all. Well, now I feel the same way about fats and oils. What is the deal? Are saturated fats bad or not? What about canola oil? Vegetable oils?

Once again I wanted to clear up my confusion and set out to do my due diligence. I have to say that there is enough material on the topic to write a book!

As you can imagine, there are many varying opinions, so I can’t present you with definitive right or wrong conclusions.

That said, just like in my soy findings, there are certain themes that are repeatedly confirmed, and THESE are what I am going to talk about in today’s post.

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