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Pesto, Tomato, & Mozzarella Sandwich

February 7, 2017

This is my favorite vegetarian sandwich:  pesto, tomatoes & mozzarella.  Lucky for me, my husband feels the same way and is happy that I serve it for dinner once per week!  Unfortunately my kids are allergic to nuts so they can’t have pesto, but I just make it for them without it.

It’s super simple, and I make some type of baked vegetable to go with it to make the meal feel more substantial since it’s for dinner.

You COULD go nuts and make your own pesto, but the store bought ones I’ve found are so delicious and relatively ‘clean’ so I choose not to and instead choose to make it the easiest dinner night ever.  I’ve used the basil pesto made by Whole Foods and by Cibo Naturals and they are both delicious.

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

October 4, 2016

Pizza night.  We have it once a week.  Let me set the picture:

The kids get Amy’s pizza with a side of edamame (for some protein) and a serving of vegetables while I concoct something a bit more nutritious for me and Brian.  Then, for the entire dinner we both longingly eye our children’s plates hoping for a bit of leftover scraps.

Sad, right?

Well scrap no more!!!

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School Lunch Ideas


That is me crying because summer is unofficially over.

Woot Woot!!

That is me cheering because the kids go back to school this week which means I will get some sort of schedule back in my life.


That is me thinking about all of the lunches I will have to start making when I’m half asleep at 7 AM.

My kids aren’t huge fans of school lunches.  On the one hand I’m kind of happy because the lunches I pack them are healthier than the ones they get at school.  On the other hand, I have to actually MAKE those healthier lunches which gets to be pretty tiresome.

Over the years I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to make lunchtime less of a hassle:

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