How to Handle Temptation

It happens to everyone.  Somehow something VERY tempting and very unhealthy ends up in your fridge. Maybe your spouse brought home leftovers from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Maybe your child received a goody bag filled with your favorite candy bars.   Maybe guests brought over the most amazing cheesecake.

So the question becomes:


You have two options.  The first option is to  allow yourself a little bit without going nuts.   

But if having this food in your house is just too tempting to ‘allow yourself a little bit’, then your second option is to throw it away.

Yup – throw it away!  Anything that is unhealthy and too tempting for you to resist should not reside in your home.  

“But that’s a waste!”  is what you are probably thinking.  Perhaps.  But let’s think of the alternative – not doing right by your body by having it end up in your stomach.  I’d rather you throw it away in your kitchen garbage than use your stomach as the garbage can. 

Your home is your safe place.  Your fridge should be filled with whole, nutrient dense foods that only do your body good.  Make it a rule in your home –  foods that do not meet those standards are not allowed in the house.  Period.

You are not saying that you or your family members can’t ever have these foods. What you ARE saying is that these foods can only be consumed OUTSIDE of the home.  

So what is it going to be?  Throw something away if it is unhealthy and too tempting? Or allow it to be consumed by you or another family member so it isn’t ‘wasted’?

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