Join The Club! The Superfood Club, That Is!

I have to admit something.  Before I got into this whole health thing, I used to hear about super foods and feel intimidated.  I thought the only people who really knew about them and ate them were hard core health nuts – like we’re talking juicers, raw foodists, vegans, etc.  

But then I started doing my research, started learning more about these super foods, and slowly started trying them.  

And I have news for you – it actually is NOT difficult to incorporate them into your diet, and I am going to show you how!

But first, what really IS a superfood?  Here is the definition as stated by the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, where I received my health coaching education:

Superfoods are a class of the most potent, super-concentrated, and nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Superfoods have the ability to tremendously increase the vital force and energy of one’s body, and are the optimum choice for improving overall health – boosting the immune system, elevating serotonin production, enhancing sexuality, cleansing, lowering inflammation, and alkalizing the body.

Cue to the part in Napoleon Dynamite when Napoleon’s Uncle Rico was trying to sell that couple the tupperware and sweetened the deal by throwing in a model boat, and the woman whispers to her husband, “I want that!”

And who WOULDN’T want that?  Who WOULDN’T want to boost the immune system and tremendously increase the the vital force of one’s body and enhance sexuality??

Listed below are 3 super foods, their benefits, where to buy them, and how to eat them. Don’t worry, I will get to other super foods in another blog post another time soon!  

Goji Berries

Used in traditional medicine for over 5000 years, goji berries are regarded as a longevity, strength-building, and potency food of the highest order. This superfood contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids, up to 21 trace minerals, high amounts of antioxidants, iron, polysaccharides, B & E vitamins, and many other nutrients.*

Where to buy them: Whole Foods, health food stores, Amazon

How to eat them:  

  • Sprinkle 1 Tablespoon into your oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt
  • Put 1 Tablespoon in your smoothie (I actually prefer to use goji powder in my smoothies)

Ground Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds come from the flax plant, one of the oldest fiber crops in the world.   Flaxseeds are high in fiber and protein. They contain vitamins B-1, B-2, C, E, carotene, iron and zinc. They are rich in ALA, an omega 3 fatty acid which reduces inflammation associated with heart disease. They also contain lignans which have antioxidant qualities. (They actually contain 100 to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods.)

Where to buy them: Whole Foods, health food stores, some major supermarket chains, Amazon

How to eat them:  

  • Sprinkle 1 Tablespoon into your oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, or on top of a salad
  • Put 1 Tablespoon in your smoothie
  • Put 1/3 cup in your meatloaf!  (You can get my meatloaf recipe and 4 other delicious recipes by entering your email here.)

Raw Cacao

The seed/nut of a fruit of an Amazonian tree, cacao is the highest antioxidant food on the planet, the #1 source of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, manganese, and chromium. Raw chocolate improves cardiovascular health, builds strong bones, is a natural aphrodisiac, elevates your mood and energy, and increases longevity.*

Where to buy them: Whole Foods, health food stores, Amazon

There are different forms of raw cacao, but the version I like best is cacao nibs.  Basically, these are cacao beans that have been peeled and chopped.  They basically taste like little dark chocolate crunchies.

How to eat them:  

  • Sprinkle some into your oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt
  • Substitute them whenever a recipe calls for chocolate chips!  Another way to add benefits to a sweet treat you might be baking!
  • Add some to your morning coffee for a little mocha flavor

So there you have it – three superfoods, where to get them, and how to eat them.  If you haven’t guessed by now, these are 3 of my favorites.  They are so easy to incorporate into your diet and provide you with tons of nutrients.   So what are you waiting for?  Incorporate one into your diet this week and jump on the superfoodist train with me!

*These definitions came from The Integrative Institute of Nutrition.


Join the Superfood Club!