Meal Plan

Does your diet need a healthy jump-start?

Are you beyond busy & need an easy, seamless process to make this jump-start happen?


Hello!!  My name is Laura Deutsch, and I am a Certified Health Coach, busy mom, and obsessed with eating enough vegetables recommended for a healthy diet!

I have created a powerful 3 day healthy jumpstart meal plan designed for the busy person.

Why is this meal plan unique?

*It’s easy to follow.

*It’s completely manageable.

*The recipes are simple.

*The food is delicious.  

*It encourages you to eat the healthiest foods on the planet:  vegetables!

*It tells you what to do, when to do it, & WHY you are doing it.

*When it’s over you will understand what it takes to continue along your healthy eating trajectory.

Just click here and I’ll immediately send you the meal plan.

3 days.  Jump-start your health. You have nothing to lose.  

(Except for possibly a few pounds!)